Operational Data Analytics


Deep expertise in operational data integration and analytics solutions

Amerind Solutions has deep expertise in operational data integration and analytics solutions to help online businesses answer key business questions by analyzing their online and production data. Ability to analyze data to make business decisions is key to continued growth for any online business. Business executives must be able to ask and quickly get answers to questions that allow them to make good business decisions. Being able to answer these questions requires a disciplined approach to collection of data from various sources and ability to transform this data into a form suitable for analysis. At the same time, it also requires an infrastructure for managing and analyzing this data. Most online businesses are not able to take advantage of all the data they collect or they could collect because data collection and management is not their core competency. Amerind has been helping marquee online business with their data collection and data management solutions to implement the infrastructure necessary for development of highly tuned business analytics. Amerind’s core expertise is embodied in our top down methodology that takes a business oriented comprehensive view to understand data analytics requirements and then implements data warehousing and data analytics solutions using best of breed tools available in the marketplace. Specifically, as part of our engagement, we use this methodology to quickly understand the data needs of business executives, establish a long term data integration & analytics vision and develop a roadmap for implementation of this vision. Finally, we implement the roadmap as a series of deliverables in short cycles to minimize implementation & deployment risk.


Amerind Solutions’ methodology consists of the following phases:

  • Data Collection, Management & Analytics Requirements Analysis and Planning
  • Design and Implementation of data warehouse & data marts to support business needs
  • Implementation of data analytics and reporting solutions to help business decisions
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates to data management and analytics solutions


Amerind Solutions has the expertise & experience to take a strategic approach to data analytics and then define and implement solutions in short cycles.