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Amerind Solutions’ Telecom practice has core expertise in development of Network Management Systems, Element Management Systems, Craft User Interfaces, SNMP Agents and Embedded Software. The company has been providing telecom system development services using the Amerind telecom system framework to leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong and India for the past 5 years. Amerind Solutions has delivered carrier-grade solutions that are deployed in large networks and has taken those systems through multiple releases. We understand real-time network behaviors and have the domain expertise to make the appropriate technology, design and tool choices when developing software solutions for leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

Our experience and expertise falls into the following technology areas


Enterprise, Wired, Wireless, Transport, Core, Access and Edge


Service Elements and Servers


Operations, Management and Support Systems

Framework and Methodology
Amerind Solutions has developed its own telecom system framework based on open source technology for building custom OEM software such as Element, Network and Systems Management (EMS/NMS) applications. This framework makes it possible for us to deliver customized OEM solutions in a cost-effective, low-risk, and high-productivity model for a wide range of network devices, systems, and applications.

The framework developed by Amerind has several modules. These modules can be easily plugged-in to any EMS/NMS system and can be easily customized by configuring few parameters in configuration files.
• Mediation Layer: Generic mediation layers expose APIs for communicating via SNMP, HTTP(S), Telnet, SSH, LDAP, IMAP protocols.
• Fault Management: Fault Management modules include SNMP Trap Listener, Alarm Propagation and Correlation. These modules can be customized to use proprietary algorithms for propagation and correlation.
• Data Collection: Generic data poller for SNMP polls appropriate SNMP MIB Table OID to collect data at regular intervals. The data poller is customizable.
• Persistence Layer: Hibernate based persistence layer allows for add, delete, modify and fetch functionality from relational database tables.
• Information Model Generator: This module generates object models in Java for a given SNMP MIB.
• Network Connectivity: This module checks network connectivity to a given IP address.



Wireless Management - Development of real-time monitoring, trouble shooting and trend reporting software
Systems Management – Inventory Management, Usage Monitoring, Security management, Storage management
Operations Support Systems (OSS) - Network inventory, provisioning services, configuration of network components, and Fault management
Development of NMS and EMS – Development of FCAPS functionality.
Embedded Software Solutions – Development of SNMP Agents


Tools and Technologies:

NMS and EMS –  WebNMS, HP OpenVIew, Open NMS
SNMP Stack – West Hawk's SNMP Stack, AdventNet's SNMP Stack
Security & Encryption – SHA1, Base64, TEA, Captain Crunch Secret Decoder Ring Sequence
Embedded Development – J2ME, AdventNet's SNMP Agent Framework



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